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Create. Explore. Consume.

No matter what I do in life some things remain consistent. I enjoy building stuff that makes life easier for myself and others. I love to learn and to explore the environment around me. I survive with food and drink, and try to enjoy every aspect of preparing, sharing, and consuming nutrients. The following describes the majority of the content you will find here.


I enjoy creating things. I create and change my environment to enhance the comfort of myself and others. Most of the things I create are functional and attempt to simply life or decrease the amount of time required to complete a task. Occasionally I let go of my worldly fixations and create artful things, thought this is harder for me to do; it is one area I should focus on a bit more.


Exploration is a major part of life as it provides new opportunities and experiences. I enjoy exploring nature, code, social interactions, and many other things. I try to not only keep a curious and positive outlook on all things but, try to push myself to develop and polish my adventure skills.


I work hard at identifying foods which can be prepared quickly and taste great. I try to focus on low impact preparation, portable and storable, as well as balanced nutrition. A big part of this is listening to my body and attempting to interpret its needs. I believe eating should be a relaxing and pleasurable experience that ultimately provides maximum energy for Creation and Exploration. Using services and products is also a large part of consumption and for me it follows the same guidelines as consuming nutrients.


Creating solutions, exploring everything, and sharing nutrients are some of my favorite things in life. The majority of this site is dedicated to documenting and sharing these ideas with a twist of technology and a touch of tenacity. Please enjoy.